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Is failing your finals really the end?

So many teenagers around the world are waiting for their final results coming out this month, some are confident that they have done well (which is a great thing!) while others like myself are pretty nervous about our performance. For those of us who do well, Voila! you’ve opened yourselves many doors for the future, most of us are praying for this. But what if you fail? Is it really the end?

So during the time of exams I got into a conversation with my friend who told me that if she fails her exams it is technically the end of her career, because with bad grades she’ll not get admission into a good university hence no good job.

Most of the teenagers would agree to this but god forbid one fails what should they do? Resitting for exams is always an option where you can work really hard again and give the exam again!

Someone may ask if I don’t want to resit then what should I do? Well, there are many kids out there who are weak at academics but they are so good at other fields, be it sports or arts etc. This my friend could be your field of success, nothing is better than having your passion as your career.Most of us do know this, but in so many cases there is something stopping us, either the society or our parents maybe the financial stability, so how do we face this?

  1. If it is the society that is stopping you, let me tell you one thing the society is not going to sit for your 9 to 5 job nor are they going to pay yours bills, so don’t give them attention, because no matter what you do, these people will never appreciate you.
  2. This one is one of the hardest one, convincing your parents, one thing we need to keep in mind is that our parents are our well wishers and whatever they do for us will be the best, but sometimes we have a clash of thoughts with them, It could be difficult to make them understand but in the end it will be worth it. Because they do care about our happiness, so be brave and go talk to them now!
  3. Financial stability could be crisis for some scolarships or loans could be an option(I am not going to talk much about this topic because I am not sure but you guys can check this website out www.bbc.com/news/education-35101935)

Here are a few people who dropped out of high school and are successful right now:

  • Tumblr founder David Karp
  • The Virgin Group founder Richard Branson
  • Facebook’s product manager Mike Hudack

To name a few. I would like to wish all of you expecting your results best of luck, be positive, stay confident and DON’T LOSE HOPE! Because this is not the end.

Love, Priyal.


P.S this is my first ever blog so kindly forgive any mistakes, thank you 🙂download (3)


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